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Fucked Up And Already Dead. - 40%

Perplexed_Sjel, November 1st, 2007

Is strange how apt Darkthrone's lyrics are in terms of public perception on them these days. Here's an example of what I mean:

"Hate at first sight". A feeling most people tend to feel before hearing the latest Darkthrone full-length. Over time Darkthrone have lost more than their talent. They've lost their appeal and fanbase. There are some who continue to stay in the hope that they'll eventually give up on this new approach and just head back to the good old days of misanthropic black metal which would easily beat any other record to a pulp with it's mammoth repetition, dark atmospheric nature and unrelenting style. Alas, no. Hate Them is another disappointing Darkthrone full-length, but is by no means the worst.

"Death just takes a moment
Suffering is forever". This much is true when it comes to Darkthrone. The death of this one legendary band came in an instant, whereas the suffering of having to endure one after the other of new lifeless Darkthrone full-lengths still continues to this very day. Darkthrone's style of Hate Them is very laboured and weary. It's simply unable to stand up to the challenge of modern day black metal. Whilst the genre has continued to grow, with new sub-genres emerging regularly, Darkthrone's essence is stuck in the past. Unable to unlock the talent which this band once had, Hate Them lacks the drive and passion we once saw on earlier records.

"Let's leave this sinking ship together". Perhaps a metaphor for the band's global image nowadays. It's steadily sinking, just as a ship would do. Every element of Darkthrone has become progressively worse. Progression backwards is quite some feat. The poor vocals, which simply irritate and become tedious very quickly. They add no atmosphere, they simple exist. The nothing riffs which will ultimately fail to be remembered with kindness. Percussion wise, this is again poor. Uninspired blast beats are placed in the mix quite often, in order to fill the void. There's no spark or creativity, it's dull, dreary and lifeless. Lyrically, Darkthrone have just become poorer and poorer. None of the old misanthropic aggression remains.

A glittering career is being washed down the drained and fast. One has to wonder why Darkthrone have changed their style.