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Here comes the BM train... - 90%

AzzMan, April 1st, 2004

Last stop is NOT Hate Them. This album burns, kills, rapes, pillages, and all over your stereo. Don't look past it. Theres nothing to not miss.. kind of.

The riffs stay as power chords played over, but they build three or four real nice riffs for each song, alternate between them, and own your soon to be cold heart. The only notable problmes I found were with the intro and outro. Hearing the annoying "opening" in Rust just makes me skip it on WinAmp some times, either that or I just skip about a minute into the song. This dosn't give the vibe it wanted to, but the rest of the song does and does well. Darkthrone can't do much wrong, I don't think, and this is more proof.

From beginning (:45 into Rust) to end, this album pleases aurally, and seems a bit like punk in points. Its not like Transilvanian Hunger or anything, but its really not like Soulside Journey, seeing as its even more evolved. From the said Soulside Journey, we saw Darkthrone's version of what most all black metal bands went through- their Death stage. It went onto black, what, the next album? And there it went on. I have only this, Panzerfaust, Journey and Hunger, so I don't quite know where they went before this, but they do seem to constantly evolve, and are persistant right with it. Keep in mind, it might be too different for some, but welcome for others. I'm the second group, and alot of people are too. Join us, get this album, and be happy.

Not many flaws, just some of the tracks riffs get a bit old. Don't let it get you down, theres too much to miss here! Awesome lyrics, great guitarwork (even if its simple, it sounds great), and ever uber-drumming. Everything in time, everything nice, everything fairly simple but good. Like I said- don't miss it.

Just tell Nocturno Culto you were too busy getting stoned to burn churches, he'll understand.
|D|A|R|K|T|H|R|O|N|E| -- my anti drug