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Goatking - 98%

cinedracusio, October 13th, 2005

Despite some serious changes (talking especially 'bout the female vocals and mixture of black and death) made on this album that pissed off the hyperkvlt worshippers of Darkthrone, this is another gem in Darkthrone's darkened crown. Goatlord is more complex than anything that Darkthrone recorded before (except, let's say, Soulside Journey), Fenriz shows all his skills on this and eradicating any traditional song structure, changing rhythms in an insane way and making everything sound chaotic and destructive. Guest vocals were made on this by Satyr, and the result was not bad at all: the guttural growls are mixed with the screeching well-known attack, spoken parts, laughs and (horror!) female chanting. Actually, the female chanting sounds great, it amplifies the perverted nature of this masterpiece. The riffs became weirder than on the other albums, because we can find both black and death identities on this, resulting into whirlwind sewer-sounding riffs that are melodic and furious at the same time. Every song on this is great.
Darkthrone fans and more open-minded listeners will enjoy this a lot.