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Darkthrone's first cash grab. - 63%

Manchester_Devil, October 18th, 2003

This is the first Darkthrone CD I got and I found the instruments used for the album very strange (due to your everyday 'Black Metal' production i.e. crap) but the production of the guitar makes it sound like it was recorded in a tunnel or something.

It was originally the second album after Soulside Journey (which is more of a Death metal album than ye usual Darkthrone Black metal material) but was never released until the band joined Satyr's Moonfog record label. And Satyr thought when he got hands on the master tapes "Hey, I could get Culto to sing so I could release this as a full length and get all the kiddes to buy it and make me rich!". Satyr makes a guess appearance in the first and forth songs "Rex" and "Sadomasohistic Rites".

Vocals: They were basically spoken, in the black metal sense, over the music and doesn't really the pattern of the sound at all though there is a range of vocals, some roars here and there to even it out. The backing vocals sound feminine and a Darkthrone veteran would find these out of place. (do female backing vocals appear in other Darkthrone releases? answers on a postcard)

Guitar: It sounds weak here without the drums and spoken vocals. They don't sound evil at all, they just huff and puff but couldn't blow a straw house down, they're only effective in a "sneak and nip at your ankles" way.

Bass: Where? It must be buried and abosrbed by the guitar because I can't hear it anywhere at all.

Drums: Before the vocals were added on the songs, the drums were the dominant instrument in the mix and they can drown the guitar in a beat, the snare sounds tinny (but not to the extent of the dustbins of St. Anger, thank fuck, though it's more like a sound that you would get from tapping a triangle, which is something you would know about in music lessons at school).

In spite of the poor production, some songs are worth listening (Black Daimon adds 20% and the vocals for Toward(s) the Thornfields also add 5% as well) to the reviews final total) to so it may be worth your while to download Goatlord before thinking of parting with your money and giving it to Moonfog.

Best songs: Rex, As Desertshadows, Black Daimon, Toward(s) the Thornfields