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A Journey to the Dark ... - 98%

DeathFog, October 28th, 2003

I think I should start this review with the general introduction to this album, namely it’s history.
This album was originally recorded immediately after Soulside Journey and was just some rehearsals of 1990-1992 period. Later on, in 1994 the vocals were put to music. Finally, in the year of 1996 it was released on Satyr’s (Satyricon) label Moon fog productions.And now about the album itself.
Musically this album is something between black and death metal and is the only album that at some point is similar to Soulside Journey. Music is mainly slow paced, with lots of cold, grim melodies woven into it, it does not have wall of noise as on the upcoming albums by Darkthrone. Guitars here sound rather clear but already near to Black Metal albums of Darkthrone. Song structures are rather chaotic. As it is mainly slow-paced album there are almost no blast beats in here, or it is better to say they appear here from time to time in faster parts of songs. This album has a poor production but Black Metal and especially Darkthrone are not about good production . Music is the main. This poor production adds naturality and grimness to the album.
Vocals here deserve special attention. Many vocal samples were used during its recording: from death metal growling vocals to black metal kind and from clear voice to female vocals at the background.
Interesting moment: lyrics of Gotalord partially can be met in songs of Under the Funeral Moon album (compare “Rex”, “Pure Demoniac Blessing” and “Crossing the Triangle of Flames”; “Pure Demoniac Blessing”, “The Grimness of Which Shepherds Mourn”, “Sadomasachistic Rites” and “The Summer of Diabolical Holocaust” (these two songs are composed into one song on Under the Funeral moon (“The Summer of Diabolical Holocaust”) ; “As Desertshadows”, “In His Lovely Kingdom” and “The Dance of Eternal Shadows”). So one can notice that UTFM album enroots from Goatlord.
In general this album ,is melancholic ,depressing ,dark ,gloomy ,grim ,evil ,unholy and balsphemous.
To agree with this review one must understand the album and to understand it one must listen to it attentively for atleast 5 times.
Not recommended for people new to Darkthrones works and to True Norwegian Black. Because even some of DT fans dislike this album. And mainly people consider this to be a cash grab , sell out etc.