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Crust punk from hell! - 95%

majko, September 2nd, 2009

I have loved Darkthrone since first listened to their music. I remember it was Cromlech, thus a death metal album and I found it really good. After I listened to albums such as Transilvanian hunger or Panzerfaust, which are for me among the best black metal albums ever. And now, as they entered a new era with their album Fuck off and die! or better the previous album Dark Thrones and Black Flags I like them even more.

Although a legend as Darkthrone is capable of simply changing genre of music, they always have enough originality with them to expose. In fact, FOAD is not regular crust punk as Disfear and all other D-beat groups. Darkthrone brings something really extraordinary with them. This phenomenon which I have never seen or better heard before is the spirit of black metal. Naturally it is almost impossible to turn back to this music after 15 years of famous history. I like this Darkthrone´s experiment, especially this album.

As I have already said it is a crust punk with black metal spirit. How to explain? If you listened solely to drums you would say it is crust punk, perhaps a bit slow but technically accurate. On the other hand, if you listened merely to guitar or voices, or better, if you felt the atmosphere of them, the sounds, tones and power you would call it black metal.

There is much to highlight in this album. It is not a boring one, not at all although the guitar riffs are rather simple and there are not much of them in each song. But the composition of each song, short but nice solo in almost every song, variations of the rhythm, nice play with stereo and a lot of originality in lyrics make this album a masterpiece among crust black metal punk albums, not only because this is perhaps the only band to play this genre but also because this much of great music at one CD is difficult to find.

Something for which I didn´t give 100% to this album is a fact that majority of songs´ melodies and atmosphere are always more or less pessimistic. I know this is a proviso of black metal music but crust punk songs are rather fast, powerful, happy perhaps and this album seems to me as if it was recorded after 10 hours of digging a grave for your loved relative, i.e. as if the guys were really exhausted and sad of something. Perhaps I shouldn´t have praised the influence of black metal although I find it quite interesting. On the other side there are songs that make you move so there is enough to chose from.

To conclude, I find necessary to say that this album is really only for those who like black metal AND crust punk because I don´t think liking but one suffice.