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Raw, Old School, and enjoyable at the same time - 80%

drummingnerd99, March 2nd, 2017
Written based on this version: 2007, CD, Peaceville Records (Super jewel box)

I'm not a black metal guy at all. I've just never been able to fully get into the genre like I have with my beloved death metal. Maybe it has to do with the division that early black metal and death metal bands had with each-other back in the day? I couldn't tell ya to be honest. However, one band that I've always thoroughly enjoyed is Darkthrone. Darkthrone were actually the first black metal band I heard. so maybe I just expected too much from the other bands of this genre? Because Darkthrone write these beautifully dark, cold, and absolutely raw sounding songs, while also not forgetting to not drag the song out longer than it needs to be. Or maybe it's the atmosphere they create? Who the hell cares right? BUT, that all changed with the release of 2007's Fuck Off And Die (Or F.O.A.D for you politically correct bastards).

F.O.A.D is Darkthrone's first attempt at *gasps* changing their sound up?!?!?!?! Yes you fool! Gone is the cold, atmospheric, raw sound we've all grown to love and expect from dear ol' Nocturno Cult and Fenriz. Instead, we have a much more interesting combination of sounds found on this album. The best way to describe it is black metal meets speed metal. So basically, think Motorhead meets Venom meets Metallica, and that's what your in store for musically on this album. And wouldn't you know it, the boys pull this style of music off well. Don't worry, there's still plenty of black metal style to be found throughout this album, but it's more in the production and the overall atmosphere of the riffs being created, rather than the whole thing being a black metal album. (I'm gonna get crucified for saying this probably) but I like this style more than I do their later black metal material that ended up dominating most of their discography after Transylvanian Hunger. The title track is the best example of this. This song is a straight up Motorhead and Venom tribute, while also not forgetting to add their own sound. And I think that's what really made this album for me. Rather than become a joke band by doing this kind of music *cough* Evile *cough* Warbringer, the band instead use their influences to create something that's truly raw, dirty, and totally raw rock and roll. In fact, I'd label this album as more of a rock album than a black/speed metal album. Yes, Fenriz does bring the speed metal style to the table with his drumming, but it's more of a rock album because of the more groovy, mid-paced, and simplistic style of his drumming that is showcased throughout the album. Seriously, listen Splitkein Fever and try and tell me otherwise, I really want you to try and dissuade my opinion to the best of your abilities, it ain't gonna work.

The other positive I have towards this album is that Nocturno Cult and Fenriz sound as though they're genuinely having fun playing this kind of music. Yes, they've always had passion when creating music, but if you ask me, the band somewhat lost their energy and passion after Panzerfaust, because at that point, it seemed as though Darkthrone began to get a little TOO comfortable with the style of music they were playing. And for anyone who wants to argue with me about this, name one song aside from A Wind Of Sorrow, that's at least the one bit memorable, because to me, it all went downhill after that. Here, Darkthrone took a BIG risk by trading in their black metal style for the one found on here, and it paid of well. You can just feel the alcohol dripping from the speakers when you listen to these songs, and it really makes for a fun listen. Darkthrone clearly knew what sound they were looking for on this album, and they went for it, and for that I got nothing but respect.

In conclusion, Darkthrone's Fuck Off And Die is their best album in years, and for anyone looking for a good black/speed metal/straight up rock and roll album, I suggest giving this album a try. Drink a beer, smoke a joint, and crank this bad boy up! This is rock and roll in it's ugliest form.