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Try it out, or just fuck off and die! - 100%

Werewolf, December 22nd, 2009

Before I heard this LP – the only Darkthrone's full length I really liked was their debut, which is a Death Metal masterpiece that has nothing to do with BM. When I heard about the NWOBHM (New Wave of BLACK Heavy Metal) single and heard the song “Canadian Metal”, I knew that this time there’s something very different to expect from this duo, so I bought a copy blindly. I was surprised when I saw these guys praising epic bands like Manilla Road in the booklet, but I knew that I couldn’t go wrong with an album that features “Canadian Metal”! I was also impressed by the great cover, made with simple black ball pen by the great artist Dennis Dread, which also supports the young Norwegian Thrash duo “Deathammer”, whose patch is drawn on Mr. Necro’s vest! Like the cover, the music is primitive, Punkish and simply screaming Fuck Off And Die!

This LP is not about humor, but straightforward honesty! You can feel it in the riffs, the really cool solos and in the frustrated and angry vocals as well. It’s still Darkthrone to the core, the basic (not as basic as in Transylvanian Hunger though) drums and the utter grimness can still be felt in this raw music, but you can hear that it’s done from the heart! It’s written and played by adult people who dedicated their lives to Metal, not people who try to sound grown up by mixing other genres that don’t fit!

It’s easy to notice already in the 1st song “These Shores are Damned”. Angry and most important – sarcastic mixture of Metal and Punk! Then “Canadian Metal” kicks in, featuring some slight “Morbid Tales” touch in the music, which is far from sounding like the cult Canadian Thrash bands they praise in this song (Piledriver, Slaughter, Sacrifice, Obliveon), but who cares? The main riff is catchy as Hell and the solo is cool, and even Fenriz’s high pitched screams fit the atmosphere! These guys know how to play, when they want to! The song “The Church of Real Metal” is slow paced and has its epic feeling, especially in the solo. Manilla Road and Manowar should be proud! “The Banners of Old” has a similar structure, starting slowly and dramatically and later being played at slow-mid-temps.

Black Metal? Heavy Metal? Speed Metal? Punk? No boundaries exist here, everything is mixed, creating together the angry shape of the beast called DARKTHRONE! The last song on side A is “Fuck off and Die!”, which is probably the most catchy and memorable here. A great collaboration of hatred and sarcasm with raw and simple Rock N’ Roll and pure Punkish “FUCK YOU” attitude!

Side B opens with “Splitkein Fever”, another anthem of frustration. Songs like this should be listened to while being alone in a forest, far from the majority’s idiocy. Welcome to planet Darkthrone! A world that these 2 peculiar personalities built long ago, a place to rest from the crazy everyday life! An anvil to forge their ideas, without giving a flying fuck about what others might say! “Raised on Rock” is another old-school anthem, praising pre-94 Metal! Could it be more Rock N’ Roll than the scream “Let the strings burn!”, followed by a riff a la Twisted Sister’s “Tear it Loose”?! No way! “Pervertor of the 7 Gates” and “Wisdom of the Dead” have similar structures to those of TCORM and TBOO from side A, which are pretty calm, but impossible to bet bored with. And now it’s the time to switch the side and give this masterpiece another listen, hehe!

When all is said and done, this is in my opinion best Darkthrone’s album since SSJ, if not the best EVER! Honesty is in season in Norway nowadays, when every once mega-satanic Norwegian BM band plays music that has basically nothing to do with the 2nd wave BM they used to play in the 90’s. I heard that those who know Fenriz well, say that he is a person with a great dose of humor, so I guess that what this band created in the 90’s should not be taken too seriously, whether you like the music or not. This album though, sounds like a confession, without trying to hide anything from the listeners. Give this album a chance, or just FUCK OFF AND DIE!