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Parasites to be wiped away - 100%

Diarrhea_Face, December 17th, 2007

What the fuck is this? Man Darkthrone have totally gone mainstream. They sold out!! They are posers!! FUCK OFF AND DIE!!!!

My interest for Darkthrone ceased with Panzerfaust, I still kept somewhat up to date, but for the most part the curiosity for them and their music was gone. I heard F.O.A.D. was causing a stir so I decided to check it out. Well right from the start I couldn't stop laughing. They really don't give a fuck anymore and that's what makes it so great. They are from the real generation, they were one of few black metal bands and they will always remain on top in my mind. Every step they make is always miles ahead of the rest. They were playing this 'black n' roll' when nobody else was, now it's the trend of Scandinavia and increasingly across the world. F.O.A.D. is just the continuation of their earlier thrashy elements stripped of the droning black metal riffing. It's minimalistic, it's raw, and it has the real metal punk attitude that most music of today has forgotten. In a scene of masks, stagnation and pre-pubescent internet warriors Darkthrone laugh, take a sweaty beer shit and bust out some killer hellbanging chaos!

Nothing is lacking here for fans of 80's thrash, punk and rock bands. They basically did a Probot, by which they took signature styles of the good old bands (Metal Church, Venom, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Piledriver etc.) and put them into a sort of compilation.

I couldn't find anything wrong with this album. The production is that of a well produced 8 track rehearsal. The only thing that's clearly processed are the vocals, which vary in every imaginable way, from the standard ugh's, to falsetto wails (courtesy of Fenriz) and of course the signature growls of Nocturno Culto; which are albeit noticeably, though no doubt purposefully tamer than before. This actually fits the album well however. For the duration Nocturno looms over the podium and despotically mocks the mindless herds which have gathered beneath his feet. As the crowd jeers and spits and tears itself apart he closes his eyes and proudly dismisses them with a brush of the hand.

The drumming is damn good although relatively basic. Fenriz has been on the radar for percussive creativity since displaying his talents on the Land of Frost demo back in '88. Well nearly twenty years later he proves again to be one of the best. His playing style is extremely fluid, with great attention to the subtle intricacies which really make or break a drummer. He knows when and when not to play on the beat and with this he combines a phenomenal sense of groove. The guitar work is again above and beyond. Nocturno Culto must have sold his soul to the devil because it seems every riff he conjures is impeccable. Even with Darkthrone being such an old and influential fixture in the world of metal he still manages to keep ahead of the pack and really that alone demonstrates just what kind of talent he possesses.

To sum things up, if you're tired of sifting through the countless piles of shit and would like a bit of refreshment, then pick this up. To me there's not a ton of replay value, but who knows, either way it's fun and with the proper volume and alcohol ingestion you'll find yourself right where you need to be...