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Darkthrone should have continued down this path... - 88%

PluviaSomniums, October 7th, 2007

Darkthrone's "A New Dimension" is nothing but a simple, single-song (the first song doesn't count - it is a music-less, atmospheric track) demo. But the sole, ten minuet song contained within is fucking amazing. I wish Darkthrone had kept playing withn this stylistic realm instead of diving head first into black metal. Don't get me wrong - I love black metal, and I think "Transylvanian Hunger", "Under A Funeral Moon" and "Panzerfaust" are all brilliant records, but the song here, "Snowfall" - is so unique and bombastic that I can't help but foam at the mouth when I think what may have come from Darkthrone had they kept playing like this.

"Snowfall" is not at all what you would expect from Darkthrone. The first difference is immediate - the song is almost ten minuets long. Lately we have been lucky if we can get a Darkthrone cut to clock in over four minuets. All "Snowfall" is, really, is a complete fucking riff-fest, combining death metal riffs, black metal riffs, and most of all thrash metal riffs. This sounds like some really epic, really ambitious death-thrash with black metal influences. If you wanted to, you could dissect "Snowfall" and write twenty songs it - using each one of the riffs here as the main riff. THATS how many riffs are abound on this single song. Fenriz really shines at the drums, too. Believe it or not - the man is a decent drummer outside of blasting his balls off. He provides with some solid mid-tempo work, some interesting tom fills and overall the actual sound of his drumset is pretty unique.

The whole production sounds as if the band were playing inside of a giant pillow. To compare to a more recent release, the production is actually very similar to that of the new Mayhem record - "Ordo Ad Chao". It is not unbearable at all, in fact - after the ice cold production of the classic Darkthrone fare the warmer ambience here is happily greeted.

It is probably impossible by now to find "A New Dimension", and if so it is probably going to cost a billion bucks, but you can find "Snowfall" on the "Preparing for War" box set. As cheap as that may seem - if that is the only place you can hear "Snowfall", check it out there, because you are really missing out on a great fucking song if you don't.