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Quality Death Metal - 98%

hexen, February 28th, 2007

Egregiously skilled musicians all functioning as a stable machine. This album quite reminds me of the technical aspects of Death Metal yet with the finesse and romantic nature of Black Metal. The decent production quality of this piece of material is certainly what makes this music so interesting, as every instrument excludes itself from the remainder yet remaining in time and intact.

Although the lyrics are somewhat average, the music is so well structured i had never expected such from an American band playing Black Metal. Guitar is precise and although the continuous strumming becomes stupid at times
(although that is reminescent of most Black Metal). The pure anger and rage of vocalist Jon Vesano is definately one to reckon with.

Drums are powerful and fast, and sometimes even shine on their own with the spacious filling of most technical drummers, and unlike earlier Emperor, the blast beats are well placed and quite fast with excellent cymbal work following along. However there is no virtuoso playing along, just a well versed individual in full of comprehension of the music being played.

Generally, any fan of Extreme Metal should purchase this album, the very intelligent attack demonstrated by tracks such as Immaculate Bloodline are proof of this, a voice of truth amongst so many lies, this album claims Christianity (and religion) as completely false, relentlessly blaming it for destruction and decay.