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Rubbish butt rock - 12%

small_cat, April 10th, 2010

Darkified play an excessively forgettable style of death metal that was popular in Sweden in the late 80s/early 90s. Like many of their peers, Darkified made formulaic music inspired by bands who played a lot better. To separate themselves from the pack, Darkified opted to use keyboards, but instead of these keys giving a desired atmospheric effect, they make everything sounds like cheese. There is nothing adventurous here, structurally or even sound wise. Vocals are typical screambarks with uninteresting phrasing that don't compliment the music very well, and the clean vocals are horrible. Drumming is standard Swedeath fare, meat beats a plenty without any real variation.

This band attempt to fool the listener into thinking that there is some adventure in the structures, but the average down syndrome could easily predict when it's time for a serving of cheese/keys. Fanboys looking to collect every Swedish death metal release will be more than willing to pay through the nose for this on eBay because it gives them street cred with other idiots who are more mystified by production values and style than actual content. If you want to pose, this is a pretty good item to have in your collection at the moment because 90s "dark" death metal is very much in fashion so every obscure trend band is high on wants lists (Vomiturition/Chronic Decay/Mourning/Bloodstone/Morpheus etc). If you're looking for great music that won't insult your intelligence, pick up some old death metal with adventure, there is plenty out there that isn't privately pressed and limited to 3 copies on Burn Records.