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Grand... - 92%

NJustice4all5, June 16th, 2005

Darkest Hour may be looked over by "true" metalheads because of the Victory Records logo on their albums. The label does not make the band. Darkest Hour seem to have poured their hearts out to create their latest effort, Undoing Ruin. This album is filled with great riffs and songs, as a whole. The band establishes more of a "Swedish" sound, as many would say, with less "hardcore" than before. This album is balls-out intensity - John Henry screams throughout the entire album - this doesn't ruin the music, it further intensifies it - over the dual guitar harmonies (in thirds, of course).
The album starts off with the thrashy "With a Thousand Words..." which will definitely catch an ear. Then, appropriately, follows to the more epic and melodic "Convalescence". I am sure that many thrash metal fans will adore "This Will Outlive Us" - the song just blasts in with one of those random-ass thrashy solos (fucking awesome). There are a few soft spots on the album, like, "Pathos", which sets a sense of equilibrium to the album.
I know for sure that I can recommend this album (or band) to any fan of the Gothenburg-style or, generally, melodic music. This release is definitely a hit. There is only one complaint: it is too short (37:45)! Cheers to Darkest Hour!