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Good documentary. - 85%

AKnot, August 10th, 2007

Ever since 1995, Darkest Hour started as a high-school project by Mike but turned to one of the best metalcore bands that truly sounds more like a melodic death metal band in the veins of bands like At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity than a metalcore band that tries to sound like it or mixes the genres oddly. This "thrashography" displays a bit of information on the beginnings of Darkest Hour and their members' backgrounds in the metal industry mixed with troublesome times and humorous sections.

To begin, the thrash doc begins with music from their previous work. This comes and goes with some cool live footage or even a photo collection (they show pictures from their trip to Japan to where John the vocalist gives a birthday cake to someone from the crowd, very generous). There isn't really any live performances but this works.

Then there goes the interviews. They go from the regular (basically just asking the band stuff in a public area) to the very weird (Mike in the tub, yes). They tell their past to us talking about how they chose the name to why they hate Oklahoma so badly. They display a good story to what happened during that incident.

Besides the music and interviewing, there are some random clips of them drunk backstage, drunk in tours, and drunk randomly. They have some old footage of how the members looked like and how they acted in previous bands (when looking at Paul, you will be surprised). This DVD also includes footage of them being scared of a cardboard George W. Bush. For the fun of it, there is a part about set lists.

Overall, it's a pretty cool DVD with a couple of antics by them. The problem I would have to say that it's short, a half hour or 2 would helped give the DVD more stars than what is now. If you are not a fan and want to know a bit of the band, this is perfect; For the hardcore fans, prepare to laugh and bang your head!