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Not bad at all - 78%

BuriedAdulation, August 26th, 2004

Yet, another band that combines hardcore with Swedish death metal. These guys aren’t too shabby. They lean more toward the metal side, which is always a good thing.

Hailing from the capital of the US they went all the way to Sweden to record this. You can definitely hear the Swedish influence in here. The Vocals are screamed without sounding too hardcore. Just picture a hardcore version of Tomas Lindberg. Hell, I got mixed up with the both of them on the first track, since Tomas made an appearance there. Too bad the vocals don’t have much variation, but it is executed well.

The riffs on this album aren’t half bad. At times it sounds sloppy and leaves a complete mess. On the other hand it can be well executed. The opening riff to “The Patriot Virus” is absolute At The Gates worship right there. Taken straight from the ATGs book of riffs. So not much originality. There ARE some memorable riffs here and there on the last few tracks.

Probably the most consistent part here is the insane drumming. It’s nonstop madness. I assume the drummer has excellent stamina to go through the whole first track alone. Machine guns barreling at you for almost an hour straight with little breaks. The sound of the snare sounds good and not annoying. A shitload of superb fills will just keep you buried to the ground. The cymbal work is excellent. It might sound out of place to some but it can be affective in the music. The drumming alone would receive a high score.

Along with some OK lyrics, and a nice production, this CD is certainly one you can enjoy. Its still headbanging material.