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Metal With a Message - 93%

BassLord, May 23rd, 2005

Washington D.C.'s Darkest Hour pump out a mix of brutal thrash, melodic death metal, and hardcore. The band's relentless attack is coupled with lyrics that speak out against political and social injustice, not surprising given where the band hails from. This combination of heaviness, melody, and intelligence make for an awesome listening expierience.

The album starts off with "Sadist Nation", which perfectly displays all of the bands strengths in one song. Fast brutal yet melodic riffs, relentless thrash drumming, heavy breakdowns, and intense vocals that sound like a mix of a death scream and a hardcore shout. It also features guest vocals by Tomas Lindberg(At The Gates, like 20 other bands). "Pay Phones and Pills" keeps the brutality going but is a bit more Swesish death metal styled. "Oklahoma" is by far the heaviest song on the album, with lots of blast beats and intense riffing.

"Marching to the Killing Rhytm" is another thrash riff fest while "The Misinformation Age" features an awesome chorus and a solo By Anders Bjorler(The Haunted, At The Gates). "Seven Day Lie" is another good track With lots of varying tempos and awesome riffs.

"Accessible Losses" is an epic which is very heavy but also has a nice mellow breakdown, probably to give the listener some time to recover from the bands brutal onslaught. "The Patriot Virus" is my favorite song on the album. Once again very Swedish sounding but definetly very original as well. "Veritas, Aequitas" is a farly mellow, slow paced epic clocking in at about thirteen minutes long, but is is surely worth it just to hear the awesome solos by Peter Wichers(Soilwork) and Marcus Sunnesson(The Crown). The bonus track, "For the Soul of the Savior" is really good as well.

This album is appealing on many different levels as it is very heavy and brutal, but also thrashy and melodic, and even features lots of hardcore breakdowns. Any fan of melodic death, thrash, or hardcore should check this out.