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A repetitive and lethargic endurance test - 60%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, March 2nd, 2016

Although the music is billed as ambient depressive BM, and its creators in Darkeater write music with a theme of depression, parts of this EP (whose name in English translation is "Amber Graveyard") are actually quite soothing even with the chainsaw-buzz guitars and lethargic percussion. The overall mood is one of sorrow, hopelessness and tiredness throughout: the guitars don't play so much as get stuck on a few chord sequences and drone away and the drums, hanging far out in the mix under a blur, bang away listlessly. Even the vocalist sounds as if he can hardly be bothered to get out of bed. Much of the music is very repetitive to boot.

The elements that might hold listeners' attention are the keyboards which sometimes include church organ (giving the music a slightly rich tone) and a sunny tremolo guitar sequence that comes halfway through the title track. A small ray of light, a tiny bit of hope appear and the riffing sounds more positive. The musicians' performance is not much improved but the mood does change to something slightly less bleak.

Even though this EP is an easy piece at about 16 minutes to become familiar with Darkeater, I can't say that it will have much appeal for most people unless they're already diehard fans of ambient depressive BM and are interested in collecting in this genre. Darkeater don't bring anything new to this genre that fans wouldn't be able to anticipate. The band's sound is good with a sharp grinding edge but that's all I can really say for the duo. There really isn't much in the music that attracts and maintains attention and the repetition makes the recording a bit of an endurance test.