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Depressive And Celestial - 75%

diogoferreira, January 9th, 2015

When you’re a writer for a magazine or a website, you can sit back and wait for promos from the labels or you can try to – occasionally – find unknown bands. What happened between me and the Russian band Darkeater was precisely a coincidence while I was scrolling down at a social network. I’ve heard a song, found a way to get the entire album and decided to publish a review on their debut “Иней чёрного рассвета” which was independently released.

After an ambient intro, the melancholic guitar riffs take us into depressive black metal soundscapes – not only because of the rhythm guitars, but also because of a brief lead guitar moment that’s followed by a passage comprising echo effects united with rain which puts us in a desolated landscape. This connection with a human isolation characteristic can be found all over the record due to the mentioned guitars, but also due to the inclusion of suffering vocals, for example in the track “Чертоги опустошения”.

Darkeater are also able to remind us of other projects like Lustre due to the slow and celestial keyboards that can be heard in tracks like “Зов мёртвых звёзд” or “Без воли к жизни”. Concerning this comparison, some differences can be found between both bands since the organic instruments are more perceptible with Darkeater than with Lustre who, a lot of times, use the guitars to fill the background just like noise. The repetition of these elements can create space for introspection and sadness without verging on suicidal tendencies. However, not all ears, perceptions and feelings are equal among people, so it also can create a relaxing atmosphere.

Talking about that atmosphere, it’s in the cover song “Rhubard”, originally composed by the electronic musician Aphex Twin, that Darkeater emanate an esoteric and even transcendental sensation in a track that’s purely ambient in which calmness reigns. The nature sounds are heard once again in the final song in which echoed guitars are over thunder and rain.

As a final note, the production is not the best out there, but having in count that this band is, till now, an independent one who wants to spread his own music, I do admit that the raw and, sometimes, synthetic production is acceptable since not all of us have the same possibilities.

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