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futuristic thrash - 82%

MetalJoe, November 17th, 2005

I had moderate expectations for this release after the excellent "Expanding Senses". "Layers of Lies" pretty much expands were the last release left off. The choruses have that lasting power, usually being the highlight of the song. The title track sticks in my head everytime...LIES!...Layers of Lies!! Multi-layered vocals that have a futuristic vibe to a few songs. This guy has some excellent thrash vocals too, angry and always full of energy. He definetly has a unique style and fits Darkane.

The music it self is a hybrid of metal. You have your modern thrash, progressive/melodic (see "Maelstrom Crisis" instrumental), complicated drum/guitar syncopation (sometimes sounding like a machine, see "Godforsaken Universe" or mid-section of "Contaminated"), and a touch of power/groove (see "Vision of Degradation"). I'm into all that, so its all good. This is modern metal and most bands more times than not incorporates many styles. In this case it makes for some needed variety, and most importantly the end result are some damn solid songs.

On a side note the solos are tasty, I dig the use of exotic notes over strange chords. Usually sticking to the vibe of the riff. You won't hear mindless wankery, even though they are totally capable of it.

My only real complaint is that the first half of the cd blows away the second half. I'd give the first half a 90% (tracks 1-7) and the second half a 70% (tracks 8-12). I can say there are no skipable tracks on the disc. So, I suppose if you liked "Expanding Senses" then you're probably like me and have this cranking often. If you didn't like E.S. then don't give them another chance.