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It's a solid release...or so I thought before - 55%

Dark_Mewtwo1, June 24th, 2005

At first I liked this album a lot. The album kicks off by throwing at you with two of the best things ever put out by this band, Amnesia of the Wildoerian Apocalypse, a bitchin' intro, and what has become one of my favorite Darkane songs, Secondary Effects. The sound is very very thrash/death based, with precision drumming and tight guitars, just like Rusted Angel.

This album is perfect for people to realize that Darkane is not a very creative band at all. At heart they are a thrash band with some death metal elements, some pretty standard (read: dull) drumming, and some Meshuggah-type moments where they do some pretty ecclectic drumming that's still a 4/4 time with some off time strings. It's a wonder the dudes from Meshuggah don't go knock out Peter Wildoer for copying them (and copying a fellow countryman, lol they do that a lot in Sweden it seems). Take all the Meshuggah-sounding sections out and you get an SYL ripoff. What the hell. Andreas Sydow is terrible. He yells his lungs out for a whole verse, just like Devin does for SYL, and then goes to a cleaner vocals for the chorus, just like Devin does for SYL, and without the Meshuggah type parts of the music, the riffing reminds you of SYL. Nothing but ripoffs here.

I used to think this album was good, but then I realized how much it ripped off of other bands. And then, if you strip everything down, it's nothing but an 80's rehash. Great...more 80s bullshit. Someone needs to hop on their Delorean and warp back to 1986.