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Dark the Suns > In Darkness Comes Beauty > Reviews > Nebuchadnezzaurus
Dark the Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty

Simplicity is not a detriment. - 80%

Nebuchadnezzaurus, November 20th, 2022

To be fully honest, this is partially a rebuke or a reaction to another - exremely negative - review posted here. Frankly, it shocked me. I have very good things to say about this album, and it's sometimes unbelievable to me how the same music can be felt so differently by different people - surely lovers of metal both - and yet another reminder that music is, at its core, subject to personal taste. That being said, I will try to summarize my thoughts and feelings on this album as reasonably as I can.

Originally, I had liked some other, later tracks by the band, so I decided to check out their first full length album. I went in without any expectations. My only desire was to hear some good metal - and I was served just that.

Now, to agree with the other reviewer partially, there is definitely a sense of sameness to the tracks on the album. In fact, they sort of blend in my mind - one song blending into another in a seamless stream of dark music. Still, examined separately, they each have their unique sound, rhythm and of course lyrics. One standout track is "Sleeping beauty" which to me encapsulates the feel of the rest of the album, combining its best parts.

One of the things I always look for in metal - and what this album nails in my opinion - is the perfect combination of melody and aggression. The strong riffs and growls on here are harmoniously offset by melodic keyboards and soft whispers. The whispering deserves its own mention - it's a feature of this band I can't quite recall hearing anywhere else, certainly it's not ubiquitous in metal. The whispering adds to the album's overall "autumnal" feel, reminding this listener of the rustling of fallen leaves, while the guitar distortion and deep growls are like the groan of the wind on the twinkling "crystal lake" of keyboards.

The lyrics aren't fantastic. As a person who always pays attention to this aspect I can say the album's writers are very unlikely to win any literary awards. The lyrics are not bad, they simply serve as an adequate, solid backdrop to the dark and moody atmosphere of the album.

In conclusion, the music here will possibly not appeal to a very sophisticated metal lover - for instance, enjoyers of progressive metal likely won't find any revelations here - but a person who enjoys simple, strong, yet melancholic and melodic metal will very likely be pleased by this effort.