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Enter Shameless Youtube Promotion Here - 80%

OzzyApu, May 20th, 2009

All right, I’d like to add that both songs kick major ass. The videos are basically the music dubbed over the video (which are how most music videos are like), and it shows the earliest form of Dark Tranquillity in a music video. “Zodijackyl Light” is much more aggressive, fast-paced, energetic, and pompous when it came to the solo. “Hedon” is the longer of the two songs, but its slower, packs more emotion, melody, lyrical intricacy (if any), and a less pretentious bid at what I’d call a solo.

The first video is shot in color and is really just the band playing in a monochrome of orange (yeah I know it’s just shot with orange light in the back). Somehow it fits well with the band dressed in black and playing in sync with the music (and having fun at doing it). It’s pretty much like a cornier live performance with lots of sheets blowing in the back, water effects, and fast editing. I can’t tell if they’re playing is rattling the earth or if they’re overjoyed on a camping trip.

The second video is shot in black and white, with tons of fading in and out of the lyrics on sheets of paper like news articles and shit. Definitely fits with the more depressing vibe, but then we have the band members dressed up in leather jackets, boots, and looking fadtastic. Stanne is even sporting some shades, but there is a continuity error between edits because one second its off while the next its on and so forth. It also occasionally cuts to this scene of this overly queer guy attempting to perform a ritual by the book (literally). It doesn’t really give me any deeper insight into the song, which makes it kind of pointless and a side deal. While this is all going on, it seems like the only light in the room are candles, thus making everything go darker and lighter at a rate of seconds – it gets annoying towards the end of it.

If you know Dark Tranquillity, then the songs generally sound how you’d expect from them (their sound really hasn’t changed dramatically since The Mind’s I, or Projector if you want to be super accurate. Anyway, get the CD, ditch this VHS – who even owns a VHS player, let alone a VHS? Well, I do, kind of. This is solely collector material, but who’d go out of their way to get this when both videos are up online?