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Great. - 100%

plebman, June 3rd, 2011

From their back catalogue of releases, you could be mistaken for thinking they'd have forgotten how to perform some of their previous masterpieces, you would be WRONG, from Freecard off the Projector album right through to Misery's Crown from Fiction, you can feel the emotion pumped into this release, the gratitude, the pride, each song different, each song equal to one another in how much of a classic they are, whether you're a fan of all the albums, or just the one, this live compilation caters for all.

From the beginning of The Treason Wall through to Terminus, both the track, and end of the album, you would need to be either tone deaf, or simply not a fan of this band to appreciate half of the tracks, as this is by far the best live album you will ever need to buy, phenomenal in every sense of the word; 90 minutes of the best live music you will ever hear, either at a gig or otherwise.

For sheer nostalgia, they appear to have covered at least something off every album, perfectly, so for fans of old or new DT, they won't disappoint, especially their live version of Misery's Crown, which is every bit the equal to any song they've previously released, and in light of their latest album, ever going to release.
Throughout this album, you may hear the off note, or imagine as such, just to pick fault with it, but this release is perfection in a live album, which is in turn a compilation of some of their greatest hits; a must have.

Mikael seems incapable of doing wrong, especially with this release under his belt, especially with the band he has behind him; if Mikael got any better, he would be an X-man.