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Vastly Underrated - 87%

Dark_Mewtwo1, June 3rd, 2005

Why is this album so overlooked? I'd like to know that. I talk to many Dark Tranquillity fans and they don't mention this album that much. What is so wrong about this album? This is so vastly underrated it's not funny. It expands the formula they used on The Gallery to include more melodic parts, which is what they still use now.

The album jumps out with Dreamlore Degenerate, one of my absolute favorite DT tracks ever. It's too well made. Then, the one-two of Zodijackyl Light and Hedon hit you with some of the best DT material out there. The other standouts include the next track, Scythe Rage and Roses, as well as Insanity's Crescendo, Atom Heart, and the closer, The Mind's I. They are all very well made, each having a melody section that stands out. It's very catchy in it's own form.

Mikael Stanne's vocals are the best to me in this album. Everything is done right with his vocals. I'm not a huge fan of his clean vocals that are on Projector and Haven, so I think these vocals are perfect. The drumming is amazingly good, with Anders Jivarp also giving his best recorded performance in this album. My problem is the lack of Niklas Sundin's leads. Later material take advantage of his talents, but not this. Sad, because some of the songs could have used an embellishment. That's alright though. It's a damn good album still, and every DT fan should own it. The bonus tracks from the Suicidal Angels EP are good as well, with Archetype being my favorite, it's so quirky and fun.