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The best album from the best Gothenburg band ever - 96%

Tale_of_the_Hellship, May 7th, 2005

The Gallery is, without any doubt, the best Dark Tranquillity album, and a true classic of the so called Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal. It was released by the time this gender was still developing, when In Flames wasn't still the band that all other Gothenburgers wanted to be.

Dark Tranquillity were threading new ground here, joining classic metal riffage with beautiful harmonic and neo-classical inspired solos, and an amazing vocal performance by Mikael Stanne, who is IMO the best singer within this genre to ever exist - instead of the whinning "trying-to-be-black-metal" of Andérs Friden and all his clones, Mikael uses a darker, yet cleaner sound, even alternating with clean vocals in some parts (like in Punish My Heaven). The guitars have a neo-classical feeling, and are amazingly harmonious, with an excellent interplay between the two. None of the guitarists tries to do anything too ambitious or beyond his capacities, preventing the album from reaching an ultimate wankfest. The acoustic guitar parts also give an amazing atmosphere that just improves an already amazing album. The drums are very well executed and technically almost perfect, sometimes leading the music instead of just serving as a rythm. Even the bassist has an opportunity to shine here: the synthetised bass rythms give that finishing touch to the guitar interplay.

So, there is nothing missing on this album: everything from top to bottom is perfect, and the only flaw I can think of is Stanne's lack of vocal variation: no matter how good his growls are, he sometimes can get a little annoying. Also, that female vocal part on The Gallery could have been a little well more interpreted. But that won't prevent from apreciating the amazing display of songwriting and playing talent that DT show here.

Best tracks: Punish My Heaven, Edenspring, The Gallery, The One Brooding Warning, Lethe... all of them are great.