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Dark Tranquillity > Skydancer > Reviews > L_Hypnos86
Dark Tranquillity - Skydancer

Skydancer - 95%

L_Hypnos86, September 12th, 2007

This album is a classic. An amazing classic, even if it is often underrated.

The first thing you will notice is the drumming which is powerful and never lacks of originality and technique. The guitars play a heavy and very melodic kind of death metal and sometimes leave place to an acoustic guitar intro or intermezzo (like in "A Bolt of Blazing Gold" and "Through Ebony Archways"). The acoustic guitar never sounds cheesy or out of place, it gives a note of sadness and melancholy, instead, and melts very well within the songs. I can say the same thing for the beautiful female vocals, which also appear in the songs above and sound quite tragic rather than meek.

I suppose the hard point of this album is its complexity. Yes, because even if melodies could sound easy to catch by their own, in fact they get interlaced into each other in a tight frame. The music build is very complex and needs a siege of a few attentive listens to get really into it (or, however, that's how it worked for me). My supposition is also supported by some bad comments I found about this album from people pretending to do a dissection of each song, looking for nice pieces here and there.

This is the best way to kill this album.

Every song is filled with a great variety of melodies and each melody is important for the mood of the song. Usually riffs aren't repeated but they're often subjected to variations and trasportos. You really can't get bored of this music. If DARK TRANQUILLITY had released this album without lyrics, leaving just the istrumental part of each song, this would have been the same great album it actually is.

In fact the best adjective to define this album is baroque. You will hardly find something alike elsewhere.

Even lyrics are elaborated and really hard to follow sometimes. As an example, take the lyrics on "Shadow Duet". In this song Mikael Stanne and Anders Friden play two consciences, residing in each man's mind. They undertake a (vocal) struggle for supremacy giving place at a kind of theatrical piece.

The last song, "Alone", is quite different from the average of the album. Slow death metal melodies and powerful depressive lyrics... a kind of doomdeath song (the strongest track in this album in my opinion).

Finally, the production is the only thing you may dislike, being not raw but neither elegant enough to let the music completely unleash its power.