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Dark Tranquillity - Skydancer

Gothenburg Classic - 90%

DamnRight, September 7th, 2002

After hearing about the band a couple years ago, I finally decided to check them out. I had heard a bit of Haven and I thought it was pretty good, so I decided I'd start from the beginning and purchase DT's first cd, Skydancer. I was very surprised to find that i was listening to an almost entirely different band. They had alot of the same members they have now, but they have changed greatly since 1993, to the point where they have almost no resemblance to their former sound. Here we have some fast, emotional, and powerful melodic death metal.

The playing on this album is all very tight and melodic, and the drums and bass compliment the guitars very well. The vocals, however, are somewhat strange at first. Anders Friden (now In Flames) is somewhat lacking on this album compared to his work with In Flames. However, the vocals still fit the music fairly well and on some places he does a very competent job. There is a female singer that appears here and there on some of the songs, and it fits in very well. The lyrics are all very poetic and good, even though i don't understand a word of it. Also worth mention are the excellent acoustic guitar parts that come in at very appropriate times, and end up sounding very beutiful.

The album opener "Nightfall by the Shore of Time" is a speedy track with some fast melodic parts. "Crimson Winds" begins with a beutiful duel lead that quickly becomes intense melodic death. My favorite on the album, "A Bolt of Blazing Gold" is next, with a nice acoustic intro that builds into an intensely emotional masterpiece, and ends with another fine acoustic piece. Another of my favorites on the album is "Shadow Duet", with its great melodic riffage and excellent gothenburg screaming duet by Anders and Michael Stanne.

If you are interested in the Gothenburg sound and want something that is more about melody and emotion than headbanging aggression, then I highly suggest you purchase this album. Although I greatly enjoy the latest offerings from DT, they are an almost entirely new band, and this form of Gothenburg style Death Metal is nearly extinct.