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Will do for now - 71%

3415, November 30th, 2004

As a taster for the forthcoming album, this four-track mini works Ok. Not so much because the standard of the songs here are revoltingly high, more for the fact that leave you wanting more.The disc starts off with one brand new original track, "Lost to Apathy" itself, that is quite good.It song that bears great resemblance to the ones found on "Damage Done", a medium paced riffer with slighty darker vocals than usual from Mikael Stanne. Gets better as it progresses, with a nice finale.

Second track "Derivation TNB" is noted in the inlay as a song "featuring severely altered bits& pieces from various songs from the upcoming album". This may seem bad, but it holds together rather well, a mellow, slow piece with whispered vocals.

"The Endless Feed" is a remix of an original track that will appear on the new album, and you can sense that the album version will probably be better,here´s a bit too much electronics for my tastes, but the song contains some weighty riffage that makes it acceptable.

Finally, we have a live version of "Undo Control". There must be at least 30 songs in their repertoire that would be more suitable for a live performance, I´d rather listen to the album version of this song any day of the week.

It´s enough to keep me occupied until the album hits the stores, anyway.