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That synch-ing feeling - 80%

blackoz, December 1st, 2006

As a previous contributor noted the music and images in the main concert section of this live DVD are out of synch. To be more accurate, if you look closely, SOME of the images are out of synch. Hmmm.

Reading another contributor’s comments about the annoyingly rapid shot edits made me think about the synch issue. I began to wonder if DT performed the show at least twice and spliced later shots from different angles into the “master” version. I conclude this because you’ll see shots that are in synch cheek by jowl with shots that are hopelessly out of synch. In all honesty, if that is what the producers have done, they’ve made a pretty good job of it. The (yes, annoying) rapid edits whip through most of the dodgy bits so you don’t notice them all that much.

I can only guess they’ve done this to give the show some pace and energy. Let’s face it, the audience is definitely not involved and poor Mikael Stanne is having a hard time whipping the Polish punters into anything remotely resembling a frenzy. If you’ve seen DT live or flip to the bootleg sections of the DVD you’ll see the band, and Stanne in particular, in their element. So the edits are there to give the main concert – shot in a TV studio for heaven’s sake – a bit of kick.

Once all that is considered, you’d have to admit that the music in the main concert is first-rate. Tight as a fist and very well recorded. To get a bit of real concert vibe the bootleg sections, also shot pretty well and with decent sound, make up for the lackluster atmosphere of the main show. Better than most of the stuff on YouTube, at any rate.

All in all then, it’s not a bad package. If you love DT this is a terrific “best of” collection and, as far as I know, the only DT DVD. As such it’s definitely worth having, in my book.