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Could have been great... - 65%

Dark_Mewtwo1, May 19th, 2005

This DVD suffers. It wants to die. It begs for mercy. The only problem is that the music is good. Don't get me wrong at all. But just the way this show turned out was amazingly fucked.

The concert's got a great setlist, covering everything that DT has done for the exception of their collection of early EPs and Skydancer. The actual performance of the songs is great and spot on. So what's the problem? I'll give you two.

1) The crowd ain't into it. I don't know how many people were there, but after every song, it seems only 5 people cheer at a time. What the hell? It looks to be a closed set type deal, which really hurts the crowd interaction. And if you've been at a Dark Tranquillity gig, you know that Stanne likes to interact with the crowd. Case point, when the bridge section to Hedon comes on, and Stanne is doing the "Hedon...Hedon...Hedon...Hedon" part, he lets the crowd sing half of the Hedon chant...well there's no chant. Barely any clapping. There's no life.

2) This is the bigger problem. The video images and the audio are not synched correctly. Therefore, the song is playing, but the images are at least 3 notes behind, and at first, for the first part of the show, you can't really tell, but once it gets to around 'Lethe', you begin to notice it a whole lot more, especially with Stanne's vocals and Anders Jivarp's drums. It's horrible. And afterward, you'll LOOK for it yourself, and you'll notice that Niklas, Martin and Peter are all off as well! It's really no fun.

The extras are pretty decent, with a whole bunch of bootleg songs, and my only complaint is that they put boots of the same songs already on the DVD. Couldn't you guys at least put some other songs? The interview was crap though. It was so cut and pasted it wasn't funny, and the interviewer was not very fluent in speaking English, so his questions were a bit hard to understand.

Now onto the gig itself (the sound at least). The first few songs sound great. Wonders at Your Feet, Treason Wall, and Hedon (for the exception of the chorus Hedon part) sound great. It flows pretty well until you hit Punish My Heaven, to which you end up alternating between a slow and a fast song, and it gets pretty sluggish. This goes on up to Lethe, where you hit this cog of songs that are pretty slow, and depending on how much you like their slower, clean vocal stuff, you'll have a different reaction. Although I don't mind those songs, I think the setlist could have been a bit better put together. The final two songs do rev up the spirit of this show, but it's a bit too late don't ya think guys?

If you are a hardcore DT fan like me, this is a decent buy, but for "normies", nah, you might want to save your money unless you find it used for cheap.