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Elevator metal - 53%

stefan86, March 15th, 2005

After the completely experimental "Projector", Dark Tranquillity decided to go metallic again, at least somewhat. The vocals are all growled this time but keyboards are still used pretty much everywhere.

The songs on here are all focused on being catchy and straight-forward more than anything else. It works in the beginning as the best tracks are in the beginning. Opener "The Wonders At Your Feet" is nice by Gothenburg standards and "Not Built To Last" ain't really bad either. However, after these tracks that already were sort of blend, we just get an even higher dose of it. "Indifferent Suns" is keyboard driven as fuck and quite slow, while the vocal patterns are undeniably quite nice.

After this the quality drops frequently. "Feast of Burden" could have might as well have been called "Feast of Genericness" and the title track lacks in getting anything going. The second half of it is more of the same shit. A bunch of keyboards and pedestrian wanking, "Fabric" being the only worthwhile track.

What makes "Haven" a definite loser of an album is that it is so god damn Gothenburg, in every negative sense of the word. I can only take this kind of pedestrian-ness and keyboards in low doses. Something cool is rarely going on guitar-wise and it all relies on vocals and keyboards. It turns into something best defined as "elevator metal".

Yes, it's that casual. Sure, it's nicely produced and slick. That's what kills it, dammit. After listening to it I just need something raw and aggressive that doesn't plod in mid-tempo for 45 mins.