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The bridge between Projector and Damage Done. - 70%

icedray, May 31st, 2003

After the very experimental Projector, DT came back with Haven. This album takes the experimental aspects of Projector and lessens them a bit and returns more to a gothenburg melodic death approach. Obviously, this would lead to the excellent Damage Done.

But, Haven is quite good on its own terms. A lot of melody is the constant factor with DT. And here you have tons of it, starting with "The Wonders At Your Feet". A curious title for a metal song but it works well and is a very good opener. "Not Built To Last" and "Indifferent Suns" follow the same path. One thing you will notice that there is not the variety you find on Projector. That is a good thing for some fans and bad thing for others.

Next is "Feast of Burden" and with this song you realize the Maiden riff fascination with the gothenburg style. The title song comes next and brings some of the experimental aspects of Projector (along with "Emptier Still" towards the end of the album). Slower pace with electronic sounds and distorted vox. Its ok.

The rest of the album is pretty much in the same vein as the first few songs but I do want to state some standouts - "Rundown" is a blistering song and Stanne proves why he is one of the best vocalists (if not the best) in this genre. He oozes emotion and turmoil. The other standout song is the closer "At Loss For Words". The longest song on the album and a great mix of brutal and melodic parts.

Haven, although not a great album, is much more digestable for metal fans than Projector and I can recommend this one with much more ease than its predecessor. However, personally, I like Projector is a tiny bit more.