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Some wonders at your ...ears - 95%

Questa_Parte, June 3rd, 2004

Lots of keyboard, a well distorted aggressive guitar, scorching rhythm – so begins the first song “the wonders at your feet”. Death harsh vocals follow. All that in some unexplainable way woven with lyrical, soul moving motives, such “lyrical pauses” as if the rough riffs were especially made to lay bare your soul and then slow down to touch it with the bitter balm of regret, sorrow or love………and then Strike again!

This way the other songs go as well, an exceptional melodic diversity (Melodic Death was called so not in vain) doesn`t leave you indifferent. By the way, “Indifferent suns” is a fine song about the impuissance of mankind to face Disaster(? Apocalypse of in general?).
Being honest I won`t hide that I never totally understood the sense of this albums songs – the texts are so altisonant and unclear that there`s either a deepest sense uncomprehensible for mortal minds OR just a compilation of high-sounding words (anyway citing from these lyrics will make you sound Spinosa or else - a fool).

It is difficult to point out ONE song from the album – they all are at a very high level, there are some very remembering guitar and keyboard passages in “Feast of burden”, “Never built to last” etc,really, the great riffs, an small moments are so numerous you simply can`t figure out single ones – the songs are literally tissued of them.

The title song “Haven” has a very prominent beginning, unfortunally those “lyrical” slow passages are spoiled with a muted whispering lamenting voice, which produced a very unpleasant effect. The crap repeats in “Emptier still” – maybe the worst song because of that (you may have a great desire to push the skip button before the well-wrought part begins)

Thus, we have a 1st class album here, the interlacing and combination of guitars and keyboard, of aggressive and lyrical passages, of different, not to say opposite, emotions will wonder-stike, astonish, emmarvel. Just don`t be afraid of being invaded by feelings, and you won`t have the desire to search for the defects of the album….Just Enjoy it…….