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Amazing melodic death. - 87%

Alcohol, August 9th, 2007

This here is a great example of melodic death metal done right. These guys have solid riffs, they have an original atmosphere, they have great vocals, and they have found a sound that they can call their own. The layered effects on this album are put to tasteful use and the result is quite simply beautiful.

The production and mix here is perfect! The atmospheric effects and the riffs are both brought out in tasteful equilibrium for the purpose of the album. There's a lot going on during each song, and it just adds to the song as a whole. Icipher, for example, is a song that features death metal riffing and harsh vocals, but also has a subtle piano playing in the background. The piano really adds to the atmosphere, emotion, and feeling of the song while not subtracting from the experience.

The song structure and the melodies on this album are tasteful as well. There's a lot of memorable lines here (on guitar, keyboard, bass, or anything else that does the job) that gives the song a more 'epic' feel. The vocals are all harsh, and behind them comes beauty with the instrumental layering and the band's excellent feel for song construction.

In conclusion, the only thing that needs to be said about this album is that from start to finish it's an enjoyable listen. There's 10 tracks on this CD, and 10 songs. There's no bullshit interludes or semen guzzling static intros to beef up the song count, which I really like in an album. Each song features great harmonized riffs, catchy vocal hooks (and guitar melodies), and most notably: a seriously epic atmosphere brought to life by tasteful keyboard use.

I recommend this album especially for fans of Nightrage, but also to fans of melodic death metal in general, or to the open minded metal head for any genre. It's quite simply an enjoyable and well written album that belongs in a good metal collection.