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Utterly impressive ... - 98%

LifeInAFireBox, December 17th, 2004

Rarely am I impressed. Even more rarely am I impressed to such an extent as this. Dark Tranquillity has been nothing but consistently good, if not utterly great, for over a decade of album making. In this very admirable and accomplished attempt, Dark Tranquillity manages to change up their sound, without losing the distinction of their sound. It's a tad bit more on the tenebrous side, more punchy and more atmospheric than previous releases. What they've done here, is created a new sound, while still remaining grounded.

Mikael Stanne still remains one of my favorite vocalists, and he's still doing what made him good in the past ... he's not traveling the road of his peers, Soilwork or In Flames, thank goodness ... the drummer has done some practicing - and it never hurts ... he's become more precise, and his parts accent the music perfectly. Even though this CD starts out with a blast beat, the main complaint I have on the drummers part, is he just needs to do a few more 4th note, and 8th note beats ... but, no damage done. (hehe ... *cough*)

Scattered throughout are riffs reminisent of Gothenburg's glory days ... melodic yet punch-you-in-the-face heavy, great riffage. The keyboards add a superb touch of atmosphere where it's called for, and compliment the guitars very well.

There is little going on in Gothenburg that people pay much attention to anymore, but Dark Tranquillity is proving to me, to be something that will stand the test of time. They completly outshine their peers, and continue to travel new territory.

Over all, I have no real complaints about the CD. Mikael's performance is dead on, and as far as I can see, Martin (keys) and Anders (drums) have stepped it up a notch. I'm very, very impressed with this album ... I don't just recommend it - I DEMAND YOU GET IT!