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Old School - 80%

AdNoctum, April 9th, 2006

This is no CD about which one can talk for ages – but that’s only because of the fact that Dark Remains’ music is not at all world-shaking or innovative. The bandmembers focus on old school death metal and have produced a 44 minute flashback to ‘the old days’. But despite the old school flavour, ‘Death Manifestation’ sounds fresh and new: the songs and riffs don’t sound like ripoffs from ‘classics’ and the production is solid. An advantage is the voice of Rogier Droog, which is truly Brutal with a capitol B (listen to the intro of “Burned To The Stake”, for example). All this combined makes ‘Death Manifestation’ an album that’s not revolutionary but definitely everything but superfluous. Recommended to all those among us who like ‘older’ metal.