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They've done it! - 92%

Metal_God, March 22nd, 2003

I start off to say that Dark Moor is one of my favourite Metal bands. They are not very different to other Power Metal band, like Rhapsody or Sonata Arctica. The main difference between Power Metal bands like Gamma Ray or Blind Guardian is that Dark Moor does not use as hard and raw riffs in their guitar solos. It goes a little faster instead and I love that!

Well, somehow Dark Moor often comes with better songs in their bagage than similar bands. They have a very good singer in Elisa C. Martin, two great guitarists, but a pretty weak drummer. But it doesn't really matter if the guitarists are great or just good; if the drummer does his job like he's supposed to or does his job marvelous. The thing with Dark Moor is that they're such great song writers. They capture the right feeling, they get the harmonies perfectly right and, as said earlier, the guitar solos are very cool.

The CD is not perfect though, if you thought so. Some songs sounds sometimes way too similar, which is a pity when I know they could manage not to do so. But sometimes everything does not get totally right.

A great album!