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Perfect example of what Dark Moor can accomplish. - 95%

KayTeeBee, December 11th, 2004

I got this album quite a while back, but I never really thought of reviewing it until I found it in my bedroom the other day. Simply put, The Gates of Oblivion is one of the best Euro-Power albums ever (along with Stratovarius' Visions). The classical influences lying around are fairly obvious, and the riffs are pure Powermetal. The vocals are also sensational, Elisa's voice is full of emotion. Yes, she's a girl, but don't expect some operatic Nightwish-esque vocals. The vocals don't get boring at all.

This album also contains one of the best Powermetal songs ever made: Nevermore.Every single thing about this song is just fucking amazing. Vocals full of emotions, great harp and guitar melodies, and fucking FAST neo-classical-ish solos. The song that shows the biggest classical influence is undoubtably "The Gates of Oblivion". It's just a short instrumental played on keyboard, but fuck, it's lovely! I also have to mention"The Citadel of the Light", the final interlude before "A Truth for Me" and the 11 minute long masterpiece that is Dies Israe (Amadeus).

I got this album pretty long ago, and its cleverness still impresses me every time I listen to it. It's Dark Moor's masterpiece, and should be regarded as a Euro-Power masterpiece by every single fan of the genre!