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Losing the singer is no excuse for this treachery. - 5%

thammaren, September 13th, 2008

Dark Moor's old singer decided to part ways with the group to create her own effort, Dreamaker, with two other members of the band. She has left Dark Moor in ruins. The new singer is good, but his voice is new to Dark Moor's fans, and it feels like the band has had its head cut off.

The style of Dark Moor is still the same genre-wise, that neo-classical metal feel is still there. But the band's efforts are terrible, the songs are all boring, often as much orchestra as they are metal. (Though I would not call this a metal album.) Some examples would be Amore Venio (which is performed only by a choir and a small orchestra arrangement) and The Dark Moor, which feature melodies that would perhaps go well with a corny stage adaption of "Peter And The Wolf". However, they are not what you would expect to hear from a band like Dark Moor.

If the previous three albums were "neo-classical metal", then this is "symphonic rock". There is no harshness to the vocals, they are all spoken softly by new singer Alfred Romero, who often sounds like a preteen boy. The band uses a choir this time to back up every single chorus, and also occasionally an entire song.

The only track worth listening to on this whole overlong record was "A Life For Revenge", which was the first thing I had ever heard by the new singer. It prompted me to keep listening. I shouldn't have. If you are going to buy this album, (that is, you want to hear it) go and get it for free somewhere. No one should have to pay for this disgrace to Dark Moor.