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Dark Intentions - Destined to burn - 60%

Phuling, August 21st, 2008

This is Dark Intentions’ debut fullength, and with it they prove to me (what other acts have already proven tons of times before) that I don’t like metalcore. I can certainly enjoy hardcore and metal of the more brutal kind if pretty much played nonstop here at home. But to me metalcore falls dead in a no man’s land. What is on Dark Intentions’ behalf, though, is the strong thrash metal vibe.

At first I just thought of it as a fairly ordinary dose of metalcore in the Born From Pain agenda, but without the overly use of slamming breakdowns. It’s mostly set in a pretty mid tempo, with groove being the key ingredient. And the groove comes from some cool old school thrash riffing reminding me of Anthrax (and at times even Slayer). Vocal wise it also falls somewhere in this area, with a very thrashy hardcore screaming that occasionally turns into growls. So when thinking about it, this isn’t very ordinary after all.

They have a pretty clear old school US hardcore sound, that’s been juiced up with some thrash. In some ways it feels like a crossover album, but never quite making it due to too much metalcore. Unfortunately it’s a tad boring to listen to since the production/mastering makes it sound so dead. It’s a really stale and weak sound with absolutely no warmth or life to it. So it’s incredibly difficult to take to heart.

Cool old school thrash aside, the horrible sound and metalcore influence makes it unbearable to me. They’re without a doubt great musicians, but I’m to wrong guy to judge the music.

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