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Furious but dull - 66%

ghastlylugosi, December 15th, 2009

This is the only thing by Dark Fury I've ever heard, but from what I understand this is about what one can expect from all their material? Not sure, so this only pertains to "Slavonic Thunder".

"Slavonic Thunder" sounds in more ways than one like it was done by a demo band. The sound is good enough, but has a taint that makes one wonder why they didn't put just a bit more effort into the production. It is unpolished in a way that sounds intentionally---rather than genuinely---raw. Crunchy and ripping, yes, but also thin and buzzing.

The music is for the most part blistering black metal leaning toward pagan flavour; but that is perhaps the Slavic ethnicity creeping in rather than any conscious attempt to sound "pagan". There are a few cool parts within this music and nothing drags on WAY too long, but there manages to be some parts that become tedious and repetetive. Though not really many. But there are not nearly enough cool parts to warrant multiple listenings, in my opinion. I know there is a "message" here, and I'm as much of a raving white supremacist as the next guy, but the "message" isn't powerful or well-done enough to counteract the monodimesionalism of the music. I am not offended by the message, nor am I moved, but really the lyrics aren't even an issue here. There is no musical originality on display here, or even any exciting rehashings of tried-and-true formulas. At least the vocals manage to remain spiteful, though not unique by any stretch of the imagination, and the pace manages to keep up to usual blitzkrieg standards.

This album of straight-ahead guitar, drum, (bass? just like most black metal!), and vocals is all right for loud, abrasive, occasional diversion, but I won't be returning to it very often.