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A classic for those who appreciate Black Metal - 100%

Kristenhat666, September 14th, 2006

"The Secrets of the Black Arts” is an excellent release by a band that was excellent at the time! Unfortunately, some retarded children got into Black Metal at the beginning of this commercial century, and due to their tastelessness and intellectual stillbirth, they seem to feel the uncontrolable need to put this work-of-art down. This is why I have taken it upon myself to set the record straight!

First of all, “The Secrets of the Black Arts” did not come out in 2006, but in 1996, and if heard THEN, was considered to be one of the best albums that had come out of Sweden. I have to say that it is ridiculous for someone who has not experienced the birth and development of BM to bash this album TODAY and criticize the fact it's not " original " or not " innovative “ or " new ". In fact, what does novelty and innovation have to do with Black Metal? This release was a highly pivotal one in the evolution of the Swedish Black Metal scene, for those who care to know or who remember the day this album came out. Another point : those seeking change, innovation or something new should simply stay clear of the whole Black Metal scene, as it is a genre with a strict and unchangeable definition which is meant for the few who understand its obscure beauty. " A black heart will only find beauty in darkness ", as Nödtveidt would have said.

To the music: the lyrics are your typical ones, with words such as "Satan", "shadows" etc returning over and over again. But what would you expect from a BM release??? The sound of the guitars is more or less that of all bands who recorded their albums in The Abyss at that time, yet has a special ring to it. The chords almost sound like an organ being played! Of course, this was long before The Abyss started creating a sound as incredibly artificial as it does today. Themgoroth's voice is perfect, very aggressive and dark, so don’t expect hysterical pseudo-BM vocals. The riffs are mostly fast but melodic, and extremely catchy. The drummer does a very good job, any drummer who has ever tried to play one of the songs would know this. The way the guy changes pace or increases it is awesome! I do not see the point of song nr 10, Satanic Blood, written and originally performed by Von, which really spoils the atmosphere for me.. Except for that, judging only by the band's own compositions, I can only applaud DARK FUNERAL's performance!

To put a fullstop to this review, here's a message to all retards: some of us have been around long enough to know why this album is so great! I doubt there’s anyone involved in the scene for a really long time who does not own and prize this CD. However, if your first experience of Black Metal dates from last Tuesday and you have no special understanding of what real BM is, or worse, think that it's all "just music", refrain from expressing your opinion on “The Secrets of the Black Arts”! You are unworthy of it!!!