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Nicely unsubtle - 70%

Ayeka, October 27th, 2002

I bought this EP (at a ridiculous price, if I remember rightly) only knowing one song in it's original form (Dead Skin Mask by Slayer), so I had to take this on its own terms, as if it was all Dark Funeral originals. Not knowing the other three covers seems to have worked out as they feel like great, heavy black metal songs, while the one I did know comes out a bit disappointing!

An Apprentice Of Satan, the one original, is a good, standard fare black metal track. Blisteringly heavy - good riff there, I think - but probably not the best thing you've heard in your life. The video of this song that comes on the CD feels a bit pointless, nice pigs heads at the end but otherwise not much. It ain't live, btw - the music is straight off the CD and I swear I remember the guitarists being out of synch with the music!
The Trial uses cool vocal arrangements and has one nice solo, although this in itself is cause for concern - I find it worrying that Dark Funeral require a session player to do the solos, and they can't do them themselves. Don't seem right...but, anyway, this guy is good ^_^
Dead Skin Mask is, as I said, not as good as the original...solo's a bit lacking and it's all a bit abbreviated from the original (a good minute and a bit shorter). The last two songs rectify things, Remember The Fallen slogs along, great chorus (so simply but utterly memorable!) while Pagan Fears merely slogs along ear-bleedingly. Satisfying stuff.

Someone more clued up about King Diamond, Sodom and Mayhem would be needed to compare the quality of covers to originals, but if you ask me Dark Funeral did a fine job and they can't have done anything offensive to the songs!