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Boundary forcing mayhem - 80%

autothrall, October 23rd, 2009

Few bands in the extreme black scene can unleash such an explosive holocaust of refined riffing and boundary forcing mayhem as Dark Funeral. I can think of only a few; 1349 and Emperor would top that short list. They have become one of the defining forces in Swedish black metal, and I believe Diabolus Interium is probably the best example of their work.

Dark Funeral does not fuck around. They never have, and they probably never will. Within mere seconds, "The Arrival of Satan's Empire" has already destroyed everything in a five mile radius with its intense blasting, ripping production and the unforgettable plague of its winding, damnable parade of notes and chords. It is clear from the second track "Hail Murder" that the Swedes have no plans of letting up. Even when the band slows down the tempo for "Goddess of Sodomy" it is still sick as fuck. Not easy to choose favorites, but two of the other tracks I really appreciate are the title track and "Thus I Have Spoken". Terrifying.

Matte Modin's drumming is simply insane. That a human being has this much energy is difficult to believe, but there is a reason this man is so sought after for projects. Ahriman and Dominion never let up their barrage of filthy, sadistic chords and imperial Satanic melodies. Though his bass playing is adequate, it is Emperor Magus Caligula's vocals which inject each track with diabolic menace, one of the best pure black metal frontmen out there.

Trust me, put your crosses away, hide your rosary beads and check out this Satanic masterwork. Unrelenting in both intent and delivery, Dark Funeral prove their standing in the armies of darkness as generals and executioners.