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Dark Funeral > Diabolis Interium > Reviews > Lich Coldheart
Dark Funeral - Diabolis Interium

That's some disgusting looking Satan - 41%

Lich Coldheart, January 12th, 2022

"Diabolis Interium" (i.e "The Devil Within") is Dark Funeral's third full-length release and is... well, not as bad as Vobiscum Satanas. The music is the same in regard to the guitar tone, the heaviness of the production and the unrelenting tides of blast beats; the speed seems to have been turned up a notch, however.

Nine minutes in and I cannot say I am a fan. The music is still very much one-dimensional and I am getting bad, Vobiscum Satanas-like vibes from the music. The band seems to have added a little bit of extra emotion since Satan is finally victorious lyric-wise and I guess they wanted to show how touched they were due to the apocalypse finally having occurred in their third full-length release; there are hardly any memorable parts, however, and I am expecting plenty of disappointment at this point. When "Goddess of Sodomy" kicks in, the album takes a slightly slower and more lascivious turn, but the moans of the goddess sound rather oddly-placed so I am not sure this is the best way the apprentice of Satan could have chosen to show us his sexual pursuits. Was this even necessary? I guess the moaning makes the song more memorable but.... so what?

Afterwards, the album returns to the same one-dimensional structure; it feels like listening to the same song over and over again. It does indeed have more variation than Vobiscum Satanas but nothing really stands out. Even Caligula's vocals are one-dimensional, him using the same high-pitched shrieking pretty much throughout the whole album; if somebody were to put on a random track from Diabolis Interium I would have a hard time recognizing it due to the lack of variety and inspiration in songwriting. Some musical rhythm finally saves the day when "Thus I Have Spoken" starts playing; the guitar riffing is more inspired, having certain rhythmical parts that reminded me of Suidakra for some reason and even Caligula's vocals are lower-pitched at certain times, which is a welcome change after ~24 min of his razor-sharp shrieking that is just annoying coupled with the uninspired instrumental musicianship. "Armageddon Finally Comes" may also be considered a stand-out track due to its more dynamic songwriting but when you only have three songs that kind of stand out and are memorable ("Goddess of Sodomy," "Thus I Have Spoken," and "Armageddon Finally Comes") than your album is pretty shit.

Let's talk a little bit about the lyrics at this point. So, Satan conquers heaven and then punishes Jesus:

"They scream out in pain, as they see their kingdom fall.
Angel tears fall to the ground, as Satan again will reign."

"In the dungeon so cold, sits the Nazarene son.
His eyes filled with tears, his soul with fear.
Asking himself, where is my god now?"

Then the lyrics take a break from the Satanic conquest because the apprentice of Satan needs to fuck the goddess of Sodomy:

"Deep inside, you feel me pulsate.
More and more and more.
I hear you groan, you want me inside.
Again, again, again, again..."

Then the apprentice of Satan is said to slither through a maze of filth (because who the fuck would not want that....):

"Like a serpent I'm slithering,
In a maze of sin and filth"

With the album continuing with some more detail about Satan's conquest and more blasphemies. In the end, we get the same confused combination of vampirism and lycanthropy in "Heart of Ice" that was also present in songs such as "Dark Are the Paths to Eternity:"

"They howl in the night,
They are the children of the damned.
Cursed to live in darkness,
With a soul and a heart of ice.
Heart of ice...
As nightfall sets in, they crawl out from their caves.
Where they been hiding from the sunlight rays"

Maybe it is just me but that reads like someone has put vampire and werewolf lore together and came up with an abominable mixture of the two. Oh well.

As for the cover art, it seems to be depicting the most disgusting Satan I have ever seen, with nauseatingly looking worms coming out from several holes in his body. I guess that makes him the most penetrated Satan I have ever seen as well and I really do not appreciate the fact that he seems to be caressing his seemingly non-existent nipples. Sure, Satan does not give a fuck but.... what the fuck?

All in all, there is not much to say about this album when it comes to the songwriting and memorability department. If you want something fast, heavy and loud to headbang to then "Diabolis Interium" might be worth listening to.'s not. It's just loud.

And fast.
And heavy,
And Satan.
With little to save it from forgettability.