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Best Dark Funeral album.. - 100%

Lestat, March 24th, 2003

Maybe I'm overating Dark funeral's "Diabolis interium", but that's the way I see it: It's their best album.
Blast beats and satanic lyrics from start to end, that may seem boring to some people, but that's the way I think black metal must be: it must have no rules.
"The Arrival of Satan's Empire" is the high-speeded opener for this mind blowing album, and one of the best, I must say. Excellent guitar melodies, and killer blast beats.
The second is "Hail murder". Not my favorite song, but's still really good.
We find their slower song in this album, wich is called "Goddess of sodomy" (unussual non-blast beating stuff for them, with erotic lyrics).
Finally we arrive to the true "Evil from inside": "Diabolis interium", wich has excellent lyrics, excellent guitar melodies, and a nice load of blast beats. The perfect song to hear when you're on the mood for killing.
The next one we find is "Apprentice of Satan". A non-repetitive track, with some tempo changes, and realy good lyrics, nice melodies.
The following to that one is "Thus I have spoken". It starts with some slower intro (compared to the other tracks), and all of a sudden it blows you away. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I dare to say that Lord Arhiman wanted to experiment with some meter changes; I'm almost sure they use 3/4 in some parts of this song.
"Armageddon Finally Comes" is the next one, wich is a typical "Vobiscum Satanas" song. Their ussual stuff.
And the last one, "Heart of Ice", another good song, wich makes you think once again that there's another slower song, but explodes like a punching you in the face out of nowhere. Great for an ending.
The sound quality is their best so far, can't complain about that. About their monotonal blast beats styled songs, I must say they're getting into more guitar melodies, for a change, and we still have "Goddess of Sodomy", wich is new (and good) stuff.
The vocals (by Masse Broberg, the black god artist), and the drumming (almost unbelievable) make this album a perfect black metal weapon to kill.