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Not original, but still great - 89%

Hawks10Pec, March 11th, 2009

For most people who listen to black metal, Dark Funeral is a household name. They are known for being one of the fastest, if not the fastest, black metal bands. In all the albums that they have released thus far, Dark Funeral has always brought the intensity and speed of death metal and mixed it with the black metal instrumentation and image. This album, Diabolis Interium, is the band's third full length album and its no different than any of the other Dark Funeral albums. Some of you may be thinking of that as a bad thing. Well it depends. Sometimes when bands release the same album over and over, it gets really boring and not really worth listening to, but fortunately in Dark Funeral's case, they never really bore the listener. When you're listening to this album, or any of their other albums, you will most likely always be entertained.

Like I said earlier, if you've heard the band before you will know that they are mostly all about speed and here its not different. What you get throughout the album is lightning fast riffs, well at least for black metal, and extremely fast drumming. Sometimes the band will even throw the listener a curve ball and slow it up a little bit like on Goddess of Sodomy. When the slow parts do happen, its pretty nice to hear because it gives you a second to catch your breath before they blast into pure black metal chaos again. One thing that you can't forget is that even though the slow parts are nice to hear every once in a while, this band is based on one thing and that is being as fast as they possibly can.

Emperor Magus Caligula's vocals fit in perfectly with the instrumentation of this band. The band plays as fast as they can and he sounds as evil as he possibly can. His vocals really aren't the typical shriek. Actually, his voice really has no "shriek" in it at all. This man yells at the top of his lungs throughout every single song. Not Dani Filth type yelling, but in a deeper more masculine sounding type of way. Don't get me wrong though, if he needs to be a little more high pitched he can do that too so don't underestimate his vocal ability.

Another strong point of this album, and really all Dark Funeral albums, is the great production. Even from the beginning of their careers, Dark Funeral has always had top notch production and that isn't (wasn't) an easy thing to find in black metal albums. None of the instruments are too high or low in the mix and the vocals don't soar above all the instruments.

Overall, this album really isn't essential by any means, but if you like your black metal fast, brutal, and intense then you will definitely love this and all of Dark Funeral's albums. Once again, the production is great so if you're one of the elitists who can only listen to albums that sound like they were made in a garage, basement, or in the woods then you will probably want to steer clear of this one. Go get some Ildjarn or Isengard if you want horrible, and I mean horrible, production.