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The Evil in All of Us - 91%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, November 22nd, 2008

The Dark Funeral’s progression still goes strong with this Diabolis Interium. Well, musically we cannot talk of “strong evolution” but in terms of the song-writing and production yes. The new sounds are much more clear than in the past and this is good for the ones who wanted a blasting production but there’s also the risk of reducing the evil charge of the album. By the way, this is a risk that Dark Funeral avoid almost completely. Surely this “plastic” production astonished me at first and not in a complete good way, but after I started to enjoy it more and this album shows also some of the best songs by this band.

Without further introductions, let’s start the massacre with “The Arrival of Satan’s Empire”. The paces are immediately fast and on blast beats. The production is suddenly well-displayed and the guitars have always that hint of echo to be more gloom and dark. By the way, their power is now different and not that much on the pure volumes. They are a bit on the background to support and give that “Satanic melody” to the songs. Anyway, this song is very good and surely one of the best from this band. The vocals are, as always, nasty and uncompromised. The drums are triggered but nothing dull or annoying because they are always “human” and not so artificial.

The riffs are massive and always in balance between the open riffage and the cold tremolo picking that gives the right atmosphere for a track like “Hail Murder”. Everything sounds muffled but also incredibly cold and malignant. The choruses and the verses are perfectly recognizable and they remain fixed in your head. The compositions have that sort of catchiness that lacked in some parts on the albums before and this is also excellent to feed these songs with variety. The mid-paced “Goddess of Sodomy” is just great with girls’ pleasure groans on the background. Everything is slower and perverted and at the same time, but also so ritualistic and gloom.

The title track has again impressive vocals that pass easily from growls to screams and destructive riffs. They are always catchy for being black metal but also always ferocious and cold as ice. The fast tempo is again here and the blast beats pass also through the following “An Apprentice of Satan”. The “profundity” of the riffs and their coldness are just incredible and they recreate a scenario of total lifeless lands with fog and abandoned castles. This time we can find various tempo switches and arpeggios too. The atmosphere is more important on this track, but they never forget the pure violence and the speed restarts.

“Thus I have Spoken” has that epic/massive beginning Dark Funeral never tried before and this is just great. The following blast beats are really out of the blue and always sharp as razors. The gloom breaks are very good and they stop a bit the most furious parts. “Armageddon Finally Comes” shows again no mercy and settles on blast beats. The violence grows incredibly but some riffs are also less memorable, still remaining good. There are few stops where the guitars are on distorted and fast arpeggio but nothing more. “Heart of Ice” is way better because again points more on the “melodies”, on the atmosphere and even the faster parts features better riffs on tremolo.

All in all, I can easily say that this album is the best in Dark Funeral’s discography, so far. The songs are better developed and they feature more distinctive traces and parts. Everything sounds apocalyptic, glacial but also inspired and ferocious. This album is recommended for those who want a heavy dosage of fast black with some great, dark melodies.