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Pretty Good... - 87%

sacrificial_curse, December 4th, 2007

First off, I think that Dark Funeral is a highly appreciated black metal band, but some people don’t like them. I personally thing that they are great. They are kind of over the top, but it suits their style. Their recordings are great, and even the production of this live album is amazing. On the other albums, such as Diabolis Interium, Caligula’s vocals are perfect sounding, but on this Live CD, they are kind of terrible. He sounds like he has been singing for 5 weeks straight every night for a two hour long set. Its okay when he’s singing, but when he announces the songs, it sounds like he is sick.
The guitars are powerful and are obviously coming through on the recording very well. I didn’t hear any mistakes while listening to this album, so you can definitely tell that they practice a lot. The guitar parts aren’t “hard” but still to remember every song and every part, it takes talent. They blend together so well, and the differing licks fit together to create the “Dark Funeral” sound.
The bass pretty much follows the guitars, so what I said for the guitars also goes for the bass.
The drums are the most amazing piece to this album. Matt is an incredible drummer, and he knows when it’s too much. He doesn’t only have blast beats. He changes it up and uses extremely fast double bass, slow double bass, and simple beats to create the tempo for the songs. He has the talent, and the “know how.” He is a very talented drummer. The drums production on this album is okay, but I think that they could have been louder. They are buried by the guitars.
This album gets an 87% from me because the drums sound is lacking in volume, and the vocals are a bit too terrible for me. With all that said, Dark Funeral is great.