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Above average - 80%

AdNoctum, May 22nd, 2005

It can hardly be denied that Dark Funeral is one of today's best black metalbands in terms of playing, atmosphere and songwriting. But despite that, successively listening all the tracks that are on 'De Profundis...' was a bit difficult for me. Dark Funeral's studio albums are most of the time quite varied, but after listening about six songs from this live album, I started to notice that the many of the performed songs sound quite similar to eachother. They have the same kind of (opening)riffs, the same tempo, the same vocals and I find that to be kind of boring after a while. Nevertheless, ‘De Profundis...’ offers a good possibility to hear high-quality, agressive black metal and a good overview of what Dark Funeral stands for musically. Highlights: “An Apprentice Of Satan”, “The Dawn No More Rises”, "Hail Murder”, “Goddess Of Sodomy”, “Open The Gates” and “Armageddon Finally Comes”.